Why Date Nights Matter

Anniversary Celebration Date RomanceImagine this: you and your spouse started out together, going for long walks when you wanted to and eating at restaurants or sipping Merlot at wine bars. Then children came along and date nights became a thing of the past. You look around and something’s missing: what is it? You still have each other and the kids you dreamed of. That missing part of the relationship could be date nights.

What Is a Date Night?

Certain families will argue that this kind of outing can be the whole family going out to do something special like having dinner together at a restaurant or watching a movie at the cinema. In the world of adult relationships, however, that’s not really a “date” which is actually a special event between two people who feel romantically towards each other. Remember the flutter in your stomach when you were asked out to dinner or a movie by someone you were attracted to? Even as you get older and come to know each other well, the idea of a romantic night out – just the two of you – should still cause a shudder of excitement, but a comfortable one achieved when two people know and trust each other.

Why Is an “Exclusive” Outing Like This Important?

If spouses trust each other, why do they still need to go on dates? Aren’t those for young love and getting to know each other? Now that you know the other’s character well, surely the idea of “dating” is over.

Ask yourself this: do you still feel a surge of excitement when your spouse walks through the door after work or you see him or her all dressed up? Is there still a spark between you? When you try to chat, are the kids all you can ever seem to think or speak about? When was the last time either one of you talked to the other without also changing a diaper, washing dishes, or folding laundry? When a relationship becomes this domestic and enters the doldrums, it could be doomed.

Besides, everyone needs to feel special and excited, even if a more exotic reason for excitement (a holiday or a new car, for example) is out of the question. On a list of “ways of adding excitement to your relationship,” this is a pretty safe and inexpensive one.

Where to Go on Date Night

The best case scenario is that you get out of the house; put your regular routine out of your mind and stop talking about the children. Feel encouraged to remember what it was like to be younger and go dancing. Eat a meal together anywhere there are no kids. Even take your date to a park and eat hot dogs from a food truck, holding hands and strolling or spreading a blanket on the grass as you enjoy birds singing or a band playing under the stars.